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“STC's Technical Editing SIG uses automatically generate tweets for short items of interest...It's a great way to keep people informed with a steady but not onerously large flow of information.”
- from User's Advocate , May 22, 2011

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Twitter is service that lets you keep in touch and stay connected to the SIG through the exchange of quick, frequent messages (or tweets).

The Technical Editing SIG uses Twitter — @stc_te_sig . You can follow us to receive regular tweets for:
... and more!

See the SIG's Twitter Policy for more information.

What is Twitter?

This video from CommonCraft explains what Twitter is and how to use it.

This video from Howcast provides details on how to use Twitter.

@stc_te_sig Tweets

The Technical Editing SIG's Twitter account is @stc_te_sig.

Here are the latest updates from @stc_te_sig :

The #stcorg Hashtag

The #stcorg hashtag identifies STC-related items.

Here are the latest #stcorg and @stc_org tweets:

This widget shows our most popular, recent tweets, based on number of clicks:

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