STC Summit 2017 Update

The Technical Editing SIG is active at every STC annual conference, and the 2017 Summit (7-10 May at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, DC) is no exception. We'll be updating our Conference Activity Page ( with information from the SIG.

Even if your can't come to the Summit, join the TE SIG for a Summit Planning Committee Meeting on Monday (TODAY), April 3 from 12noon-1pm EDT. Log into our meeting room at: or contact the SIG leaders: sigleaders at

For complete information on the Summit, visit:

STC Election Results

STC, the Nominating Committee, and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the results of the 2017 STC election.

When voting concluded, of 3,037 eligible voters, 437 (14.39%) cast ballots. There were some abstentions in each of the categories.
  • President: Alyssa Fox (automatically succeeds from Vice President)
  • Vice President: Jane Wilson
  • Treasurer: James Bousquet
  • Director (two spots):
    Jessie Mallory
    Robert Perry
  • Nominating Committee (two spots):
    Larry Kunz
    Jamie Gillenwater

See for complete results.

FREE webinar for STC members: Secrets of a Master Procrastinator Admin Feature, Apr 11

Cathy Chiba will present her many secrets for getting stuff done despite tendencies to procrastinate… but the webinar description is still to be determined because, hey, that’s just how procrastinators roll.

If you’re interested in this webinar — then perhaps you, like me, are a master procrastinator. But you’re not just any procrastinator. You care about doing good work. In fact, you want to do great work. You’re a hero because you care.

The problem is, sometimes you feel like your tagline should read: “Inaction Hero”. Because, really, does this feel like your life? NOT. GETTING. THINGS. DONE. My life often feels like that, too. However, when you have procrastinated all your life, you learn a few things about being productive — even doing great work — when you’ve procrastinated yourself into a corner.

April 11, 2017 from 12noon-1pm EDT.

This event is free for STC Chapter and SIG members! See for complete information.

Volunteer meeting, Apr 13

Our monthly SIG Volunteer Meeting is April 13, 2017 at 11:30am EST.

This is your opportunity to get involved with your award-winning SIG. See for details. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, contact the SIG co-managers: sigleaders at

To obtain access to the Volunteers-only area of the SIG's website, simply log into the SIG's website, then click the Become a Volunteer button in the left column.

TEAM (Technical Editing Active Member) Rewards Program

Nine TE SIG members have earned a total of 30 TEAM Rewards points. Join the fun! Participate in the many SIG programs, meet other members, and earn TEAM Rewards points.

As a thank you for your participation, TE SIG members who earn 10 points in a calendar year will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and a certificate recognizing them as a “Contributing Technical Editing SIG Member” for 2017.

Learn more about the TE SIG's newest program at:

SIG Resources

Be sure to take advantage of the resources available on our website:

Employment Opportunities

Are you seeking employment as a Technical Editor or Writer? The Employment page on our website has hundreds of openings from around the world. We syndicate job listings from multiple sources and list them in a single page for you. They're even organized by US state, country, and world region.

See for complete information.

New Member Welcome

If you've just joined our SIG... WELCOME!

There are many ways to get involved with the Technical Editing SIG... we encourage you to participate in our webinars and watercooler chats throughout the year. Generally, we hold webinars and membership meetings each quarter. We also have a full schedule of live chats. Be sure to check out our calendar for all of the upcoming events: .

Don't forget to sign up for our email announcement list ( it is the best way to stay up-to-date with the SIG. You can also follow us on social media:

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact the SIG's leadership. We're here to help you reap the benefits of membership in this dynamic organization. Contact us at .