1. TE SIG launches the TEAM Rewards Program

Marcia Wood, our outgoing Membership Manager, led the project to launch the TEAM (Technical Editing Active Members) Rewards Program—our SIG’s newest member program. This program encourages member participation and strengthens our sense of community within the SIG. Members earn points for their participation in a variety of activities, including attending SIG educational programs and volunteer meetings, writing articles for our Corrigo online newsletter, and presenting webinars.

Members who earn 10 TEAM Rewards points in a calendar year are awarded a $10 Amazon gift card and distinction as a “Contributing Technical Editing SIG Member” for the year.

Our inaugural year had an impressive showing, with 84 members earning a total of 207 TEAM Reward points. Eight members earned 10 TEAM Rewards points.

In October, we held a drawing for a free STC live webinar for all TE SIG members who earned three or more TEAM Rewards points. Congratulations on your win, Sherri Henkin! We’re glad you enjoyed Phillip Vassallo's "How to Write Fast Under Pressure " (Nov 16, 2016).

The TEAM Rewards program starts again on January 1, 2017. Join the fun and earn TEAM Rewards points. Learn more about the program.

2. STC Gold Community Award

The Technical Editing SIG was named an STC 2016 Gold Community for our achievements during 2015. We were recognized alongside other Community Achievement Award recipients at the 2016 STC Summit in Anaheim, California.

This is wonderful news for our SIG and fitting testimony to the hard work and dedication of all of our volunteers, past and present!
The award reads...
"For providing value to your members, and the Society as a whole, through consistently high-quality educational offerings, collaboration with other communities, and initiatives to strengthen your leadership succession plan."

3. Free webinar program offered to members

The Technical Editing SIG partnered with the Instructional Design & Learning SIG to offer two encore progression presentations from this year’s STC Summit. The free webinar gave members who had not attended the Summit an opportunity to hear Summit programs. Lori Meyer, TE SIG member, presented “Editors as Collaborators.”

As a TE SIG member, you have free access to our library of recorded webinars.

4. Technical Editing Progression at the 2016 STC Summit

In recent years, the STC Summit did not include a technical editing progression. This year, several dedicated TE SIG members reversed that trend by presenting on a variety of progression topics at the 2016 Summit. Topics included creating editing checklists, building productive relationships with SMEs, and editing in the financial field.

The progression topics were well-received, with over 50 attendees. This year’s technical editing progression marks another milestone, since this may be the last progression offered at the Summit. STC updated its Summit offerings , replacing progressions with Spotlight sessions.

5. TE SIG represents at the Summit’s Opening Ceremony

Several Technical Editing SIG leaders and members greeted Summit attendees at our SIG table, with its “Technical Editors Wear Many Hats” theme. And, yes, we wore fancy Fedora-style hats of many colors, supplied by TE SIG Secretary Sherri Henkin.

We offered attendees news about our SIG, a chance to play the fun Perquackey word game, for prizes, editing-themed erasers as give-aways, and, of course, Ghirardelli chocolates—our Summit signature.

It was fun meeting members and spreading the word about our SIG.

6. 2016 APEX Award of Excellence Winner

Under the leadership of webmaster Rick Sapir, the TE SIG won an APEX Award of Excellence for our website. This award marks the seventh straight year that the SIG has won the award. The APEX award recognizes publication excellence.

7. Corrigo

Under the leadership of Managing Editor AElfwine Mischler, ''Corrigo continued to provide important and timely articles by leaders in our field. Topics included book reviews, editing trends, and protecting yourself from injury while using a computer.

AElfwine is stepping down at the end of this month. We thank AElfwine for her work and vision for our newsletter. Due to the changing nature of technical communication, the SIG leadership team is reviewing Corrigo’s future.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding Corrigo, send them to sigleaders at stc-techedit.org.

8. Watercooler Chats

Watercooler Chats are informal discussions about technical communication topics. This year, we offered watercooler chats on a wide variety of topics, including editors’ diverse roles and responsibilities, editing in Microsoft Word, paper vs. electronic editing, and TE SIG membership benefits and services.

For a full list of past chats, see http://stc-techedit.org/Watercooler+Chats. The chat transcripts are available for download.

If you enjoy participating in watercooler chats and want to become more involved with the SIG, the Watercooler Chat Manager position is open.

If you want to host a watercooler chat, contact a SIG leader.

9. Fundraiser

The SIG held a joint fundraiser event with the Santa Barbara chapter (SBSTC). Jack Molisani presented the excellent “Get It in Writing” webinar.

This webinar’s recording, as well as select recordings from other fundraiser events, is available for purchase through our Eventbrite page .

Jack also extended a special LavaCon registration discount to attendees—and even gave one lucky TE SIG member a free LavaCon registration!