SIG Volunteer Awards

This page lists the awards received by our SIG volunteers. Be sure to check out the awards won by the SIG, too. Join STC and become part of our award-winning SIG!

Distinguished SIG Service (DSSA) Award

This award recognizes length of SIG membership, consistency of service over the time of membership, and variety of service. More information ...

STC Fellows

Becoming an STC Fellow is a lifelong journey of achievement, an honor bestowed by the Society upon Associate Fellows who have continued to make exemplary contributions to our organization and profession, who have made good on their promise to make a difference. More information...

2015 Honorees
  • Lori Meyer

2012 Honorees
  • Pat Moell

STC Associate Fellows

An STC Associate Fellow is a Senior Member who has been formally recognized by the Society for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication. More information...

2017 Honorees
  • Li-At (Ruttenberg) Rathbun

2015 Honorees
  • Francis Bao

2014 Honorees
  • Andrea Wenger

2013 Honorees
  • Rick Sapir

2012 Honorees
  • John Kohl
  • Lori Meyer
  • Heather Sommerville

SIG Volunteer Awards Program

In 2012, the SIG created a new SIG Volunteer Awards Program that regularly celebrates the contributions of its great volunteers, and makes recognition within the reach of more of its members. Read more about this program...

Technical Editing SIG Volunteer of the Year

SIG Volunteer Award
This award is given to a volunteer who has demonstrated consistent service to the SIG over two or more years, either as a volunteer in a recurring role, or as a volunteer who has served in many ways without having held an office or appointed position.

Technical Editing SIG New Volunteer of the Year

This award is given to a SIG member who has volunteered for the first time.This award seeks to recognize newer SIG members who “hit the ground running” as volunteers, or longer-term members who never have volunteered before but stepped up for the first time.
SIG Volunteer Award

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