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Definition from Wikipedia :
Technical editing involves reviewing text written on a technical topic and identifying errors related to the use of language in general or adherence to a specific style guide.

Note that a given style guide might include by reference the general or specific guidance found in other authoritative sources such as pertinent association, national, and international standards.

Technical editing may also include substantive editing, including suggesting revisions to enhance clarity, persuasiveness, and effectiveness of the text's organization, as well as queries on factual content.

A tech editor edits everything other than fiction or news. I'd consider educational book editors as tech editors, too.

Technical editing is the editing of scientific, engineering, medical, or other complex documents for both language and content issues. The language aspect covers traditional copyediting and production editing concerns; the content aspect involves substantive editing to address the accuracy and completeness of the technical information and to ensure that it is intelligible to the intended audience.

A technical editor reviews documentation prepared to explain complex technical topics or concepts, software and hardware products, or information catering to a niche audience. A technical editor edits the documentation for completeness and accuracy, unity and integrity, English language errors, and for the right level of complexity for the users - Raj Nair

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