About our Meetings

Every quarter, we schedule a virtual meeting of our SIG members, providing presentations on technical editing topics. The SIG co-managers also provide an update on SIG activities.

These meetings are open to both SIG members and non-members. The meetings are free for members and available at a small charge for non-members.

We record quarterly meetings, and post slides, materials, notes, or minutes from the meeting on our Web site (SIG Members SIG members only).

Typically, we hold membership meetings in January, April, July, and October, but actual dates and times might vary. We hope to “see” you at one of our membership meetings!

In addition to our quarterly meetings, we hold informal watercooler chats various times throughout the year, and at least one fundraiser meeting.

To learn more about leadership activities in our parent organization, STC, see their calendar .

Meeting Pages

Category: Watercooler Chats

Information about meetings prior to 2009 can be found in the file gallery (SIG Members SIG members only).

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