Our Goals

The TESIG provides advice about technical editing issues:

  • Corrigo, the official publication of the TESIG (https://stc-techedit.org/corrigo/), publishes articles about subjects technical editing practitioners find interesting, for example:
    • Stories about how applying technical editing skills increases reader satisfaction
    • Links to sites you might find helpful in your job
    • Tips about how to balance quality and deadlines
  • The Editors’ Exchange (#EdEx) on the STC’s #sig-technical-editing Slack channel (https://stc-communities.slack.com/archives/C01REE8M28Z) provides a discussion forum for editors to ask questions and get answers.
  • TESIG quarterly webinars are given by members with professional technical editing backgrounds who share their knowledge and expertise.

The TESIG provides information that demonstrates the importance/value of technical editing and editors to employers and organizations:

The TESIG provides guidance to technical editing students, new professionals, and career-shifters as they settle into technical editing positions:

  • The Newbies’ Corner feature in Corrigo provides a platform for new, fresh voices about the field of technical editing, written by students and those just starting out in the profession.
  • Moderated discussions on the #sig-technical-editing Slack channel enable participants to network with others and talk about school-to-career issues.
  • The hashtags #ThisWorkedForMe and #TechEditTips enable social media users to find useful information about helpful tools and tricks to make technical editing easier.