GLOBAL watercooler chat - Working in Cross-Cultural Environments

Do you work in a cross-cultural environment? Are you interested in hearing how one team does this successfully across continents, timezones, and cultures? Then join us in this global watercooler chat.

Geography, timezones, cultural differences, and other challenges notwithstanding, Bob Raymond, editor at Oracle (in California, U.S.), and Manoj Bokil, Information Development manager at Oracle (in India), have been working together in a collaborative model for over 4 years—and the collaboration has been very productive, effective, and satisfying for both Bob and the India InfoDev team. This watercooler chat will talk a bit about how Bob and Manoj managed to achieve this effective and mutually rewarding collaboration.

Date and Time:
May 3, 2012 11:00-12:00 EDT
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Watercooler Format:
  1. Join the teleconference call and follow along as Bob and Manoj discuss their experience:
  2. Join the chat in MySTC ( ). Manoj and Bob will take the questions you pose in the chat and respond to them in the call. For more information, see

The MySTC chat and the phone conversation will be recorded, and both will be made available to SIG members.

For more information, see Watercooler Chats.

Moderators Introduction:

Bob Raymond has over 30 years of technical editing experience and has worked for Cadence Design Systems, Novell, and Tymshare and, for 10 years, he ran his own writing/editing/design company. He has a BA from the State University of New York at Oneonta (in Sociology). As a graduate assistant in the English department, he taught at the university's writing clinic. Bob lives in California, U.S., and is currently employed as Senior Editor for the Comms business unit at Oracle Corporation.

Manoj Bokil has over 12 years of experience in technical communication, approximately 6 of which have been working as an “Individual Contributor” in various roles such as technical writer, InfoDev lead, and so on. He has worked the other odd 6 years of his career as a manager managing various documentation teams in India. Manoj has worked for Compulink Systems, Persistent Systems, and Symantec in the past, and is currently employed with the Comms business unit at Oracle Corporation, and manages the Information Development team in Hyderabad.

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