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TE SIG Highlights and Accomplishments for 2016

Author: SIG Leaders - Published At: Dec 15, 2016 09:00am EST -
SIG News
It’s been a busy year for the Technical Editing SIG. We have a lot to be proud. Here is a summary of the SIG’s highlights and accomplishments.

Thank you to all our volunteers—we couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Thank you to all our presenters—you helped us bring top-notch learning opportunities to our members.

Thank you to all the members who participated—you helped make our programs successful.

Announcing the preliminary slate of candidates for the 2017 STC election

Author: - Published At: Dec 08, 2016 10:44am EST -
STC News
The STC Nominating Committee (composed of members Cindy Currie, Viqui Dill, Rick Lippincott, Becky Todd, and chair Bernard Aschwanden) is pleased to announce the preliminary slate of candidates for the 2017 Society election:

  • Alyssa Fox will automatically succeed from the office of Vice President

Vice President
  • Craig Baehr
  • Jane Wilson

  • James Bousquet
  • Timothy Esposito

Director (two positions to be elected)
  • Ramesh Aiyyangar
  • Jessie Mallory
  • Robert Perry

Nominating Committee (two positions to be elected)
  • Jamie Gillenwater
  • Grant Hogarth
  • Larry Kunz

Congratulations to the candidates, and thanks to all STC members who expressed interest in running for office.

Note that the preliminary slate was prepared in accordance with the current Society bylaws.

Individuals who meet the qualifications for Society office and engaged the nomination process, but were not selected for the slate, may choose to pursue nomination by petition of 10 percent of the voting members (see Article VIII, Section 2, Part D). Individuals who seek nomination by petition must submit the required materials to the Society office by 6 January 2017.

The final slate for the 2017 election will include candidates appearing on the preliminary slate as well as any qualified individuals who are properly nominated by petition and approved by the Board of Directors.

This article was originally published in the STC Notebook .

Preventing Eye Strain While Working on a Computer

Author: Webmaster - Published At: Dec 07, 2016 03:06pm EST -
Corrigo Articles
The more you use your computer, the greater the risk you’ll encounter a repetitive-stress injury (RSI) such as carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s not because computers are inherently harder on your body than (say) jogging, but rather because the problems are subtler and develop over longer periods. (Unless you jog 8 hours per day.)

Read more in "Protecting Yourself from Injury While Using a Computer" - Part 3: Eye Strain

A view from the Summit

Author: AElfwine - Published At: Aug 07, 2016 07:07am EDT -
Corrigo Articles
How was the Technical Editing Progression at the STC Summit? A student gives her view and more on Corrigo.


August announcements

Author: Webmaster - Published At: Aug 01, 2016 10:00am EDT -
SIG News
Stay cool this summer... with these great events:
  • Summit 2017 Call for Proposals, Aug 1
  • Watercooler chat, Aug 10
  • Monthly volunteer meeting, Aug 11
  • Technical Editing Fundamentals, Aug 16-Sep 20
  • STC Live Web Seminars in August
  • TEAM Rewards Program
  • SIG Resources
  • New member welcome

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