Technical Editing SIG Scholarship

The Technical Editing SIG Scholarship has now been renamed as the Diane Feldman Technical Editing SIG Scholarship. The renaming of the scholarship is to honor a dear friend of the SIG, Diane Feldman who provided exceptional leadership, selfless contributions, and remarkable enthusiasm for the SIG and the technical editing profession. Diane Feldman is an Associate Fellow of STC and was the manager of the Technical Editing SIG for 7 years.

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The Technical Stylist Meets the Definite Article: What Bloody Man Is That?

Corrigo welcomes its new columnist, Kathy Underwood, as "The Technical Stylist." Her first column deals with the pesky problems of using the definite article correctly. Kathy's round of editorial meetings and decisions on getting "the" article right can seem trifling but if you're an editor, you'll realize that such matters can have serious overtones for consistency sake. This article is worth reading for its presentation of the fact that an editor's world is not always black and white, but perhaps a pearly haze of drawing the line and making a call on problems that are not quite so easy to pigeonhole and deal with.

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Discovering the Breadth and Depth of Technical Communication and Technical Editing

As part of the STC scholarship application, applicants had to describe a project or research that they were involved in. This article submitted by the Technical Editing SIG undergraduate scholarship winner, Lindsay Taylor, highlights two projects that were part of her course work. The first was a semester-long research project that involved writing and editing about treatments for Parkinson’s disease in the fall of 2008, and the second project was a comprehensive team technical editing assignment on the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) handbook in March of 2009. Get a fresh perspective. Read the full article and understand what each project taught Lindsay and how they helped her realize the complexity and depth of the technical communication field.

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Internships Stretching One’s Abilities as a Communicator

This is an interesting STC scholarship application article submitted by the Technical Editing SIG graduate scholarship winner, Daniel Seipert. Here, Daniel describes his most challenging and fulfilling project, which was a comprehensive edit of 12 chapters for an academic book on the global digital divide. Daniel states that one of the project’s most valuable qualities for him was the opportunity to edit for English as a Second Language (ESL) authors. To understand the challenges of this unique project and the lessons learned, check the full article.

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2009 Conference Highlights: Tech Edit SIG Excitement at the Conference

You wouldn't want to miss this article that provides a roundup of the 2009 STC Conference highlights. All the hard work that went into the Technical Editing session and related activities paid off as the sessions drew a full house, and several attendees commented that "this was the best session at the conference!" Read on to know more about the Technical Editing SIG happenings at the Conference.

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