Why are we migrating? The migration is an STC-initiated project to harmonize the SIGs’ to one website platform, WordPress.

The TE SIG leaders ask for your patience during the migration and transition phase to our new WordPress website platform. There may be “hiccups” along the way. We apologize in advance for any issues. Please know that we will work hard to correct issues that are in our power to correct. We will lose some of our functionality in the beginning. But, hopefully as we learn WordPress we will increase the value of the new website for our members.

The TE SIG leaders are proud of our website and would like to recognize the continuing efforts of Rick Sapir, our webmaster to give our members optimal value. Rick has also be an invaluable resources for the TE SIG leadership team. Our website has been recognized in the industry and has been awarded an APEX Award for Publishing Excellence for six years.

If you have questions or have comments during the transition period, please contact sigleaders at stc-techedit.org.

If anyone works with WordPress or is accomplished at using WordPress, we would appreciate your assistance. We are also seeking a WordPress webmaster for our new website. If you are interested, please contact: sigleaders at stc-techedit.org.

It is time for us to cross the Rubicon.