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Achieving Consistency among Editors

This article by Pat Moell provides valuable insights into how editors can make decisions on consistency. While the article focuses on achieving consistency among editors, it also provides best practices for individual editors who are trying to make the right style decisions. Don’t miss reading this article that distills wisdom from experience!

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Tweet Stream from the STC Summit 2010

This excellent article by Vanessa Wilburn provides an overview of all the tweeting that happened during the STC Summit 2010. The article will allow you to hear what technical communicators were really thinking or talking about at the STC Summit. Make a little time to read the full article and catch up on all the interesting tweeting tidbits of the STC Summit 2010.

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A First-Timer's Experience at the Technical Editing SIG Progression: Editing Challenges and Opportunities

Dan Riechers, recounts his experience at the Technical Editing SIG progression as a first-time attendee of the STC Summit. In this article, Dan provides the highlights and the benefits of the SIG progression that he attended. Read this article and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss a SIG progression!

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Working Effectively with Global Teams

Based on her many years of experience in the technical communication field, Mary R. Van Brink shares her insights on working effectively with global teams. Mary’s article provides simple strategies that you can use to get your work done and build strong working relationships!

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The Technical Stylist Sees Sense

In this regular column, our technical stylist, Kathy Underwood focuses on “synesis.” If you haven’t heard about “synesis,” then perhaps it’s time you learned about this grammatical principle. Check out the article to get to the bottom of the matter!

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Strategies for Simplicity (Watercooler Chat: Summary)

In keeping with our promise to provide an article on watercooler chats, here is the summary article of the most recent watercooler chat. This lively chat was held on June 9, 2010, and it focused on the need to make complex information simple and easy to understand. Andrea Wenger, the moderator of this watercooler chat, provides three tips to keep it simple where your style is concerned, at least with regard to writing!

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Newsletter Archives

Starting in 2009, we no longer provide a PDF of our newsletter issues. However, you can print a copy of the issue using the new Print this Edition feature on each article. Also, we have a subject archive of all of our articles that are on our Web site.

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