In 2008, we successfully used our new WordPress blog-based Web site to publish numerous articles that were ultimately collected together into 3 newsletter issues (hopefully, about to be 4 issues before the end of this week). Next year, we will be migrating/moving to a wiki-based Web site, but following a similar model of publishing articles to the Web, and then collecting those articles together into our issues that we do every few months. Stay tuned for more information on that new site, which will be even more collaborative across our volunteers and even across all of our members.

I would like to kick off 2009 with a "staff meeting" of sorts, where we come together and brainstorm ideas for content/articles, review our editorial processes and practices, and come up with any tasks or activities that we want to tackle for our newsletter.

We'll have this staff meeting on Friday, January 16th from 10-10:30am Eastern US time, and lead in to the Volunteers call that happens that same day from 10:30 to 11:30am Eastern US time.

Contact Michelle Corbin at corbinm at with any comments or questions about this upcoming newsletter staff meeting.