Watercooler Chat: Tech Editors Wear Many Hats

Join the TE SIG leaders as we continue our theme from the recent STC Summit!
  • Enjoy an encore presentation of "Where's the Comma People?" Lightning Talk by Li-At Rathbun
  • During this networking opportunity, we'll also discuss tech editors' diverse roles and responsibilities
This FREE online event is open to members and visitors. Attendees will be in TEXT mode to participate in the watercooler chat discussion.

Important note:
To attend the chat, please sign up using the following Eventbrite form:

To join the STC/SIG: http://stc-techedit.org/Join+the+SIG

Date and Time
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 3:00PM EDT/12:00PM PDT
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Watercooler Format
  • No formal presentation will be given.
  • All who attend are encouraged to ask and respond to questions.
  • The Watercooler Chat will occur via the group chat interface in the TE SIG Adobe Connect Room .
  • The chat will occur in audio and text formats.
  • To participate in the discussion, attendees type their questions or comments into the chat pod.
  • See Watercooler Chats for more information.
Join The Watercooler Chat
  • On the day of the event, join the TE SIG Adobe Connect Room .
  • Depending on your browser settings, you may be prompted to install or run a Flash plug-in in order to continue.
  • At the Connect Login screen, click the button "Enter as a Guest", type in your name, and click "Enter Room".
  • A "Join Audio Conference" dialog box will appear with these two options: JOIN or LISTEN ONLY. Choose LISTEN ONLY.
  • For additional information, read the file Adobe Connect Guide for Participants.pdf.
  • After announcements and a brief introduction, the chat will begin.
  • This is an audio AND text-driven chat.
  • Enter your questions and comments into the chat pod and the moderator will respond.
  • After the event, a text chat transcript will be made available in the file gallery.
Post-Chat Resources

Speaker Profile
Li-At Rathbun
Li-At Rathbun

Li-At Rathbun has over 20 years of technical communication experience (yes, since kindergarten). Although her main role at Yardi Systems is as technical editor, she also creates training videos.

Li-At has continuously served in various STC leadership positions since her very first meeting. She’s currently the Santa Barbara chapter president, Technical Editing SIG co-manager, and Surveys Lead for the CAC (Community Affairs Committee).

If you’re in Santa Barbara on the first Saturday of any given month, you might catch Li-At performing with Santa Barbara Improv. You can connect with Li-At on LinkedIn and Twitter (@virtual_li).

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