Watercooler Chat: 2016 TE SIG Open House

Everyone is invited to gather around the virtual watercooler as Ann Marie Queeney, SIG co-manager, hosts a chat about the Technical Editing Special Interest Group.

Membership has its benefits!
  • Network with others who share common interests
  • Add relevant volunteer experience to your résumé
  • Earn rewards with the new TEAM incentive program
This FREE online event is open to members and visitors. It's a great way to learn about our award-winning SIG!
Attendees will be in TEXT mode to participate in the watercooler chat.

Important note: To attend the chat, please sign up using the following Eventbrite form:

To join the STC/SIG: http://stc-techedit.org/Join+the+SIG

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 12:00PM EDT/9:00AM PDT
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Watercooler Format
  • No formal presentation will be given.
  • All who attend are encouraged to ask and respond to questions.
  • The Watercooler Chat will occur via the group chat interface in the TE SIG Adobe Connect Room .
  • The chat will occur in audio and text formats (no video presentation).
  • To participate in the discussion, attendees type their questions or comments into the chat pod.
  • See Watercooler Chats for more information.
Join The Watercooler Chat
  • On the day of the event, join the TE SIG Adobe Connect Room .
  • Depending on your browser settings, you may be prompted to install or run a Flash plug-in in order to continue.
  • At the Connect Login screen, click the button "Enter as a Guest", type in your name, and click "Enter Room".
  • For additional information, read the file Adobe Connect Guide for Participants.pdf.
  • After a brief introduction, the chat will begin.
  • This is an audio AND text-driven chat. No video required.
  • Enter your questions and comments into the chat pod and the moderator will respond.
  • After the event, a recording of the watercooler chat will be available.
Post-Chat Resources

Moderator Profile
Ann Marie Queeney
Ann Marie Queeney

Ann Marie Queeney has been a Technical Editing SIG co-manager since 2015. Her business, A.M. Queeney LLC, focuses on helping health care companies improve the writing and management of their procedures and other controlled documentation.

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