TEAM Rewards Program

The TEAM (Technical Editing Active Member) Rewards Program is a way to strengthen our sense of community within the SIG and to encourage member participation.


The TEAM Rewards Program is available to Technical Editing SIG members. Not a member? You can join the SIG today!

Earning points

There are various ways to earn points toward a TEAM reward:
  1. Hold an elected TE SIG office — 1 point for election, ½ point for each volunteer meeting attended
  2. Volunteer to be a SIG manager — 1 point, ½ point for each volunteer meeting attended
  3. Present a virtual quarterly meeting, fundraiser, or watercooler chat program — 3 points
  4. Attend a live quarterly program, fundraiser, or watercooler chat — 1 point
  5. Program or watercooler chat "shout out": For members who attend a live webinar, watercooler chat, or fundraiser they email the managers with one new thing they learned or something that especially resonated with them within 48 hours of the program — 1 point
  6. Write an article, book review, or publish in Corrigo, the TE SIG online newsletter — 1 or 2 points per article
  7. Copyedit a Corrigo article — 1 point per article
  8. Start or curate a discussion on the TE SIG LinkedIn group — 1 point
  9. Submit resources to our Resource Directory or Virtual Bookshelf — ½ point
  10. Join a SIG monthly volunteer meeting as a first-time attendee — 1 point (Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, from 11:30 AM — 12:00 PM, Eastern Time)
  11. Receive a Technical Editing SIG Volunteer of the Year or Technical Editing SIG New Volunteer of the Year award — 2 points
  12. Volunteer to help at a TE SIG event at the Summit — 1 point


SIG members who earn 10 points in a calendar year qualify for an award:
  • Amazon gift card
In addition:
  • Members who achieve 10 points in the calendar year would receive a certificate that indicates they are a "Contributing Technical Editing SIG Member" for the specific year
  • Members who achieve three points would be entered for drawings of some prizes throughout the year.
  • The TE SIG leadership may reward members TEAM points for SIG events or activities in addition to the above list. Additions require a majority of TE SIG leader votes approving the change.

For additional details, please contact the SIG Membership Manager.

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