SIG Watercooler Chat: Strategies for Simplicity

Technical material can be taxing to read, even for well-educated, tech-savvy customers. The more complicated the material, the simpler the writing style should be.

Join members of the STC Technical Editing SIG as we gather around the proverbial watercooler and have an online chat about this topic. This chat will be hosted by Andrea J. Wenger, who presented this topic at the STC Summit in May 2010, in her SIG progression, also entitled "Strategies for Simplicity." An outline for her presentation is available as a handout for this watercooler chat. This handout includes points on sentence structure, grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, and word choice.

What are your strategies for simplicity? Be prepared to offer those as well!

Date and time: June 9, 2010, at 11:00 - 12:00 ET (10:00 -11:00 CT)

  • Download and review the handout “Strategies for Simplicity,” which is located in the Watercooler Chat gallery
  • Prepare a few questions or comments about the topic. Be ready to participate in the discussion, not just "listen."
  • Test the chat software at least one day before the session. Go to the SIG chat page and sign in. You must be a SIG member to attend.

Watercooler format:
  • No formal presentation will be given.
  • All who attend are encouraged to ask questions and to respond to questions.
  • The discussion, in Q&A format, will be held in a text chat interface.
  • The chat will NOT have an audio component.
  • The chat will be recorded and the transcript will be made available to SIG members.
  • See Watercooler Chats for more information.

Moderator introduction:
Andrea J. Wenger is a Sr. Technical Writer at Schneider Electric in Raleigh, NC. She has 15 years’ experience in technical communication. She is the membership manager of the STC Carolina Chapter and a site editor with the Technical Editing SIG. She blogs on topics related to writing and personality at

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