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2009 Conference Highlights: Tech Edit SIG Excitement at the Conference

Wow, I hope you had a chance to follow some tweets we sent during the conference. If so, you might have heard about the exciting times there. To wrap up:


At the Honors Banquet, we were extremely pleased (see the photo) to accept the Community of Distinction award on behalf of our volunteers, members, and past leadership board. We'd particularly like to call out the work of these past presidents: Pat Moell, Michelle Corbin, and Dianne Feldman for their contributions to make this award a reality.

Picture of Vanessa Wilburn and Meredith Kinder at awards banquet.
STC president Cindy Currie, TE SIG co-manager Vanessa Wilburn, immediate past present, Mark Clifford, TE SIG co-manager Meredith Kinder, and 1st Vice President Michael Hughes.

Breakfast Meeting and Networking

Over 26 people joined us for the 7:15 am breakfast and networking during our annual business meeting. We shared our thoughts by posting "I love the TE SIG because..." on the walls of the room. See your peers' thoughts in the photos below. We recapped our activities in the past year and talked about our upcoming plans, such as membership meetings, our use of social networking technologies, more additions to our web site, and the much-loved discussion list. Thanks to Jeff Japp for taking notes. In addition, the group shared its thoughts about how to help STC better promote its conference through better written session descriptions and templates.
Picture of notes Why I Love TE SIG.
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I love STC because I can talk about problems with people who understand.
I love STC because I can talk about problems with people who understand. Good to know there are other editors out there!

Sessions for Editors

Thanks go to Shirley Burns and Gururaj B.S. for the SIG brochure that also included a list of sessions of interest to editors. We handed out 100 of these brochures to attendees. In addition to that, at the Community Reception on Monday evening, Kelly Shrank helped us meet and greet both potential members and current members, as well as hand out editor goodies: sticky pads in the shape of punctuation marks, fluorescent sticky flags, highlighters, and editing buttons.

Picture of Kelly Shrank
Kelly Schrank

Picture of the Editing Progression
The Editing Progression
We had 67 people attend the Editing Progression (the room was at capacity!). With six dynamic topics, each table had lively debate and conversation about Editing Challenges and Opportunities: Tracking Your Editing Metrics, What Practitioners Can Learn from Students, Keeping Your Editing Skills Sharp, The Editor's Role in Building Community, The Editor's Role in Screencast Development, and The Remote Editor. Several attendees commented that this was the best session at the conference!

Share Your Experience

Please enter thoughts about your experience at the conference in the Comments section below. Share what you learned, your summaries of your favorite sessions, or your opinions on the events you attended.

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