"Editing for Accessibility" Presentation and Membership Meeting

When: Thursday, December 3, 2009, from noon EST until 1:00pm EST.

Joining the Presentation: See Teleconference Information. The meeting and presentation will be recorded, and the audio files will be made available on the file gallery a few weeks after the event. (Members only icon SIG members only.)

Accessing the Slides: Virginia's slides will be available for download on the file gallery a week before the presentation. (Members only icon SIG members only.)

Completing the Survey: The evaluation survey will be available for completion after the presentation. (Members only icon SIG members only.)

Members only icon SIG members can login to listen to,
or download, the meeting recording.
Meeting Summary: In the first part of this quarterly membership meeting, SIG leaders will present news items related to the Technical Editing SIG. Then SIG member Virginia Janzig will present “Editing for Accessibility."

Presentation Summary: Accessibility to information that is available on computers is receiving strong emphasis by the U.S. government as well as the European Union, especially with the recently approved amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and increased pressure from the European Union and the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. Virginia's presentation is about how the editor can improve and add value to the work of the writer who is creating documentation. Her emphasis is on making documents accessible, for both those who have some physical disabilities as well as those for whom English is not the first language.

Picture of Virginia Janzig
Virginia Janzig
Virginia has been a technical editor, as well as a writer and manager, for almost 25 years in the computer industry. Her primary expertise is in software and hardware documentation for mainframes. She worked for Unisys Corporation for many years, and recently moved to IBM, where she challenged herself to edit for the Enterprise Content Management training documentation group.

IBM established a corporate initiative to make its products and documentation accessible beginning in 2009. As the editor for the training documentation for the Enterprise Content Management group, Virginia was involved in developing the plan for the documentation, as well as working with management and the course developers to structure the writing to meet the requirements of the development tools and the testing tools.

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