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Corrigo Rises! New Managing Editor for Tech Edit SIG Newsletter

Ælfwine Mischler, Managing Editor

Corrigo, the Technical Editing SIG newsletter in blog format, has been revived. We will begin posting again in a few days.

Believing that being an active member gives me the best value for my membership fees, when I joined STC and the Tech Edit SIG a few months ago, I volunteered to copyedit for Corrigo, not knowing that it had been inactive for nearly two years. It was on its way to being revived when the managing editor had to resign because of work commitments. The SIG leadership asked me whether I would step up to the position.

I was a bit hesitant because, although I’m experienced in editing trade books, textbooks, and Web content, I’m new to technical editing. In a long conversation with SIG manager Ann Marie Queeney and SIG webmaster Rick Sapir, I shared my ideas for reviving Corrigo and they agreed to my being the new managing editor.

I am excited about this opportunity to revive the newsletter. We will continue to publish the usual articles about editing, but also articles about editors in interesting places, freelancing, surviving the workplace, and staying healthy in a sedentary job. I want Corrigo to once again be a platform for Tech Edit SIG members to share their expertise and attract new members to the SIG. I hope you will help us to make that happen by being a contributor and an active reader with your comments.

If you would like to write or edit for Corrigo, please contact me at

Creating a Style Guide for Technical Documents

Ellen Perry

As a technical editor, you’d be wise to create a style guide for your writing group. A style guide is a time-saving resource that documents the guidelines for punctuation, capitalization, spelling and usage. Just those four categories may seem overwhelming at first — so much to be covered! But remember that a style guide is a living document; it’s constantly updated, never truly finished.
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