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My First STC Summit: International Standards?

By Alisdair MenziesMenzies_14

What does a first-time attendee seek at an STC summit? The response to such a question is probably as varied as the profiles of the some of the people I met in Anaheim. But I hope they all left as invigorated and with as strong a desire to come back as I did.

I came to Anaheim looking for some renewal: new ideas and techniques to make me a better technical communicator, as well as Continue reading

Nota Bene: Are You Ready for the STC Summit and Other Conferences?

Whether you’re headed to the STC Summit, a regional STC meeting, or another conference, you’ll have a better experience if you prepare ahead, take care of yourself while at the conference, and follow up later. Here are a few picks from the Web to tell you how.

Geoff Hart has advice for surviving large conferences such as the STC Summit.

Katherine Pickett offers some advice on networking at conferences, including what to do when the conference is not directly applicable to your work.

Feel lost in the crowd? Here’s how to make an impression.

Are your hands too full? Here’s more advice on networking during a conference.

Barbara Fowler has tips on what NOT to do.


New Blog Format

Jennifer Smith

The official newsletter of the STC Technical Editing SIG, Corrigo, is almost 13 years old. It began as a hard-copy mailed newsletter and most recently has been published in a wiki format. Over the years, we’ve published an impressive array of articles on a wide range of topics. Because I don’t think the great content in Corrigo is as visible as it deserves to be, I’ve been looking for a way to showcase it and make past content more visible and accessible.

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