About Corrigo

About Corrigo
Call for Submissions
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About Corrigo

Technical editing, regardless of how the discipline is defined, is first and foremost reader advocacy – be it for documentation clarity, accuracy, relevance, or accessibility.

Corrigo is the official publication of the STC Technical Editing SIG, and is a place where people who want to help readers can get useful information to do just that.

Call for Submissions

We’re looking for technical editing practitioners who are members of the STC Technical Editing SIG (regardless of their official job titles) to contribute to Corrigo.

You can submit short (1000 words or less), original content about subjects you think technical editing practitioners might find interesting.

For example:

  • Stories about how applying technical editing skills increases reader satisfaction
  • Information about tools you find helpful
  • Hacks that you use to make your job easier
  • Tips about how to balance quality and deadlines
  • Vignettes about a day in your life as a technical editing practitioner
  • Links to sites you find helpful in your job, with explanations about how they help you
  • Reviews of articles, books, or events you’ve read or been to that relate to technical editing

We’re also looking for longer, more detailed original articles about topics that pertain to technical editing, both its theory and its practice.

Send your submissions to the Corrigo editor, Yoel Strimling, at editor@stc-techedit.org.
We’ll try to get back to you within three weeks with our decision. If we think changes need to be made to the submission before it is accepted, we’ll make suggestions.

If you want to discuss possible ideas for submission to Corrigo, send an email to Yoel, and he’ll be happy to listen.


Because the purpose of Corrigo is to inform, you should write in a clear, informal style, and avoid jargon and acronyms. All decisions on style and usage should be guided by common sense: What is the clearest way to present the information?

All materials published in Corrigo (including, but not limited to, images, text, illustrations, and audio clips) are protected by the copyright laws of the United States or other jurisdictions, and are owned or controlled by the STC Technical Editing SIG unless stated otherwise, or by third-party providers of the materials.

Copyright for all articles published in Corrigo is held by the author unless otherwise indicated. By submitting an article, you are implicitly granting a license to the STC Technical Editing SIG to publish it on the Corrigo website, and for other STC publications to reprint it without specific permission. Use in any and all other sites and publications of STC or STC chapters and communities must include the name and URL of Corrigo, the date of publication, and the author’s name and website URL or email address.

Authors are asked to grant Corrigo one month exclusivity before republishing the article on their own website or elsewhere, and when republishing to include a link to Corrigo.

Some images on this web site are from stock.xchng and are subject to the Image license agreement:http://www.sxc.hu/help/7_2.