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Getting That First Job: Advice from a Technical Recruiter

bernadettelcashBy Bernadette Cash

Madalyn Shea is a technical recruiter with Ware Technology Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ware is an employment agency that places technical writing candidates in mostly manufacturing and medical manufacturing settings. I emailed Madalyn, who offered the following advice for those seeking their first technical writing-related job. She can be reached by email at

Q: What things do you look for in candidates who are hoping to land their first technical writing/editing job?

I look for a strong verbal communicator. When someone is well spoken, it is usually an indicator that they have strong writing and editing skills. The next thing I look for Continue reading

Capitalizing on Conferences

head shot of authorBy Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

[The 2016 STC Summit, May 15–18, is only days away. If you can’t be in Anaheim, you can still participate live with the virtual track option of ten selected sessions on May 16 and 17, but preregistration is required before May 11. In this article, Ruth looks at how freelancers can market themselves at conferences—even if they can’t attend.]

Now that colleagues have learned from Geoff Hart and others how to survive a large conference, and how to network, I’d like to look at how to capitalize on attending such events, whether in person or otherwise. (Yes, you can have a conference presence without actually being there!)

Conferences are expensive, time-consuming, and potentially exhausting, so why attend? Because not only are they opportunities to learn or enhance skills, they are potential goldmines of new clients and referrals from colleagues.  Continue reading