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Editing Science Manuscripts with a Humanities Background

by Geoff Hartgeoff-Australia-cropped

I’m often asked whether someone with a humanities background can build a career editing science manuscripts. The answer, as so often in life, is yes…and no. The yes part is easy: English is English in any discipline, and if you’re a skilled editor, you can edit the basic grammar and syntax of English in just about any field without fully understanding the subject matter. The no part is more complex, and a clue to that complexity emerges from answering the inverse of this question: Can an editor with a scientific background edit humanities papers? Continue reading

Copyeditors Can Make Web Copy Sing

by Erin Brenner

2015 Headshot brown cropped 600x548Professional copyeditors tend to think of the Web as devoid of good writing. Website owners will throw any old copy up on the site, careless of good grammar, never mind rhythm and style. While quality sites are out there (think the New York Times and The Atlantic), they still make mistakes and many more websites are in need of a skillful copyeditor to help raise standards. Continue reading