Monthly Archives: June 2013

What’s Rhetoric Got to Do with Technical Editing?

Michelle Corbin

One of the topics that we cover in our Technical Editing Fundamentals certificate course is rhetoric. My co-presenter, Linda Oestreich, humors me and lets me have 5 minutes to cover the basics of why I feel rhetoric is one of the fundamental principles of technical editing.

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New Blog Format

Jennifer Smith

The official newsletter of the STC Technical Editing SIG, Corrigo, is almost 13 years old. It began as a hard-copy mailed newsletter and most recently has been published in a wiki format. Over the years, we’ve published an impressive array of articles on a wide range of topics. Because I don’t think the great content in Corrigo is as visible as it deserves to be, I’ve been looking for a way to showcase it and make past content more visible and accessible.

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