Monthly Archives: June 2003

Report on the TE SIG Business Meeting at the STC Annual Conference

Diane Feldman

Each year at the annual conference, interested members of the TE SIG meet to discuss SIG business. We began this year’s meeting with a recognition of the outstanding work of the volunteers who keep the SIG humming. A very special nod goes to our fearless newsletter editor, Julia Byrd, whose efforts were recognized by the Society with the Distinguished SIG Service Award!
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“Jabberwocky” and the Technical Editor

Peggy Emard

Technical editors may experience anxiety and trepidation when asked to edit documents with unfamiliar content. As an example, you may be a talented and an experienced editor of computer handbooks, but how would you edit a graduate-level textbook on biochemistry? A dictionary, a coach, style sheets, and a basic biochemistry textbook would be useful tools. However, you may not have time to gain extensive knowledge about an unfamiliar topic. If you know how to understand the meaning of unknown words through context, you can achieve editing expertise more quickly.
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The Hammer: A Sort of True Story

Lawrence Don-Elysyn

Once upon a time, a group of people that we will call “the Company” obtained a contract to put up a house. This entailed a great deal of nailing. In the preplanning stages, someone figured out that 10,000 nails would have to be hammered in to build this house. This seemed like a frightening amount, and the Manager decided to do something about it.
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