Monthly Archives: June 2002

Benchmarks for Estimating Editing Speed

David W. McClintock

Speed-reading experts estimate that the average reader can absorb about 250 words per minute. They promote techniques that allegedly boost that rate to nearly 1,000 words per minute. Unfortunately, some folks may expect similar speeds for technical editing. After all, isn’t editing like reading? If so, a 20-page white paper should be edited in 20 minutes – or less.

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Creating a Style Guide for Technical Documents

Ellen Perry

As a technical editor, you’d be wise to create a style guide for your writing group. A style guide is a time-saving resource that documents the guidelines for punctuation, capitalization, spelling and usage. Just those four categories may seem overwhelming at first — so much to be covered! But remember that a style guide is a living document; it’s constantly updated, never truly finished.
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