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Back to Basics: Sentence Structure

Susan Price Harvey

The life of a technical editor is fast-paced and demanding, and no one wants to add another item to the editing checklist. However, sentence structure is important and deserves special attention in all documents. Here’s a short refresher course in sentence structure that you can take to the author of any document.

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Tips from the Cubicle: Caring for Your Editing Eyes

Patricia Bartley

Remember to blink … blink … blink. Blinking during the day can help lubricate the eyes, which become dry from staring at your computer screen. Don’t forget to look away from your screen periodically and focus on a distant object. Here are some exercises to help reduce eye strain and strengthen the muscles around the eyes.

Eye movements help stretch, soothe and relax the eye muscles. Practice the following when your eyes feel tired or strained from reading, computer work or fluorescent lighting. Keep your head still, and move your eyes slowly while taking deep breaths.

Vertical Vertical. Look up, pause a few seconds, then look down. Repeat three times

Horizontal Horizontal. Look left, pause, look right. Repeat three times.

Diagonal Diagonal. Upper right/lower left. Repeat three times then reverse Reverse . Repeat three times.

Clock Clock rotation. Imagine a big clock in front of you. Starting at noon, gently move your gaze around the clock. Repeat 2 times then gaze counterclockwise. Repeat two times.

Blink … blink … blink, then do palming.

PALMING: Rub your palms together several times to create warmth. Bring your palms up to your eyes. Feel your eyes relax and tension melt away. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Breathe deeply and imagine each breath is sending fresh oxygen to your eyes.

Patricia Bartley works as a customer survey developer, online editor, and Website manager at the Department of Labor and Industries. When she is not working at her computer, she teaches cubicle yoga to office workers.

She is a certified yoga teacher and is registered with Yoga Alliance, a national credentialing organization for yoga teachers. She is also certified to teach stress management in the workplace. For more information call (360)709-0065 or e-mail


Effective Onscreen Editing, Part 2 of 4

Geoff Hart

Workflow Issues: Backups, Paper Trails and Automating Your Work

Murphy’s law applies as strongly to online editing as it does to other areas of life, and at some point, you or Murphy will do something unfortunate to a file. So before you actually begin editing, make a backup copy of the original file and store it somewhere safe, far away from your computer.

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