The Technical Stylist on the Battle of the Usage Guides

In this article, our technical stylist, Kathy Underwood, lists and throws light on some excellent usage guides. Read this article and find out if you have the right reference books on your shelf.

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4 Lessons Learned During a Long-term Editing Gig

Avon Murphy provides insight that you could leverage as an editor. Based on vast experience, Avon gives 4 useful pointers that it might do well for you to keep in mind.

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The Wicked Which and Other Fairy Tales

This reprinted article by Andrea Wenger busts some writing myths. If you've read it before, it still is worth skimming through a second time because it's so easy to get carried away by such mythical matters. And if you haven't read this article earlier, then it certainly is a must read to gain a clear perspective about what really matters in good writing.

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The Substance of Style

This summary article provides an overview of Bette Frick's presentation on style manuals. Read this article, and get a quick understanding of style fundamentals.

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Newsletter Archives

Starting in 2009, we no longer provide a PDF of our newsletter issues. However, you can print a copy of the issue using the new Print this Edition feature on each article. Also, we have a subject archive of all of our articles that are on our Web site.

PDFs of issues from 2000 to 2008 are available on our Web site:

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