About the Newsletter

Corrigo is the newsletter for the STC Technical Editing SIG.

Corrigo, the newsletter of the STC Technical Editing SIG

In the past, Corrigo has been a hardcopy publication and a PDF publication. Today, Corrigo is distributed in an e-mail as a Newsletter Summary that points people to the articles that have been posted on our website, and then we capture that set of articles into a traditional issue of Corrigo.

Starting with Volume 9, Number 1, all articles are available online. Older issues of Corrigo are available in the Newsletter Archives in PDF or you can browse the HTML versions of articles, by category.

Submission guidelines

We publish articles of all types and all lengths, as long as they are related to technical editing in some way. Please contact Louise Galindo, Managing Editor of Corrigo, to discuss any ideas you might have for an article. Email articles to the managing editor in a format that is compatible with Word 2010 or previous.

Articles should be submitted by the end of the month, in the month prior to the publishing schedule (see below).

By submitting an article, you implicitly grant a license to this newsletter to run the article and also for other STC publications to reprint it without specific permission.

Copyright is held by the writer. In your cover letter, identify if this article has been printed elsewhere of if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications. Please see the Copyright page for more information.

Publishing process

After an article is submitted to the Managing Editor, we send it to a copy editor. We then return all comments back to the author, for them to resolve and resubmit a revised article. When we receive the revised article, we go ahead and publish it to our Web site, regardless of the newsletter issue publishing schedule.

Creating an Issue of the Corrigo Newsletter

We will create an issue — if and only if we have a sufficient number of articles - by the end of the following months:
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

Reprinting articles that you find in Corrigo

Reprinting the material in Corrigo is permissible with proper attribution (source, including volume, number, and date of issue as well as the name of the author). Send a copy of the publication in which Corrigo material was reprinted to the author and the managing editor.

Newsletter staff

  • Managing editor: Louise Galindo
  • Copy editors: We have a dedicated pool of copy editors. Contact the editor if you are interested in raising your hand and helping copy edit an article or two each year.

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