Documentation Strategies for the Social Web Fundraising Presentation

Presentation Description

A recording of the meeting (including handouts) is available for download. Refer to the information in the webinar email for details.
Let's say that the most driven and driving developer on your team, who also happens to be a popular blogger, comes to you and asks why your end-user documentation doesn't allow comments or ratings. Rather than stammering something about Wikipedia's latest scandal, do your homework and learn best practices from others who are implementing social web content. We are living in an exciting time for web content that is conversational or based on community goals. By doing some research, you may realize there are good reasons not to implement a social media strategy. You’ll need to study the potential community and judge the time you'd spend in arbitration with community members on contentious issues. You may discover that you can borrow from benefits of a single approach while still meeting business goals.

This presentation will teach you how to:

  1. Identify specific types of tools on the social web, such as tags, blogs, wikis
  2. List risk areas and pitfalls
  3. Identify potential roles with social strategies
  4. Build a plan for listening, participating, collaborating, and offering a platform or community

Cost and Registration

This SIG event will be open to Technical Editing SIG members and non-members.
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Speaker Profile

Anne Gentle
Anne Gentle

Anne Gentle is the fanatical technical writer and community documentation coordinator at Rackspace for OpenStack, an open source cloud computing project. Prior to joining OpenStack, Anne worked as a community publishing consultant, providing strategic direction for professional writers who want to produce online content with wikis and user-generated articles and comments. Her enthusiasm for community methods for documentation prompted her to write a book about using social publishing techniques for technical documentation titled Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation. She also volunteers as a documentation maintainer for FLOSS Manuals, which provides open source documentation for open source projects. She writes a blog at and enjoys advocating for social and community techniques for web content. As the mom of two youngsters, she thrives on being busy and on-the-go.

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